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JE Kelleher Programs

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JEKSync Tools

J.E. Kelleher offers free tools to help synchronize order information directly from your current move management system to the orders you have placed with us. These tools improve communication and save your employees time. Simply update your move management software, and the JEKSync tools take care of updating your orders with us. J.E. Kelleher has taken this technology to a whole new level by being the first in the industry to develop an "App" for mobile Smart phones and Tablets.

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JE Kelleher Background Check Program

J.E. Kelleher understands that families today want that sense of security when a service technician enters their residence. With these concerns in mind, we have teamed up with PlusOne to develop a comprehensive background check program.

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Third Party Specialty Relocation

Over 14,000 suppliers with the highest level of service for your unique relocation needs. Our service areas extends throughout North America.

JEKSync Tools

Extend the capabilities of your software with Order Syncronization tools to provide better communications and higher quality of service.

2018 AMSA Summit Award Recipient

2018 Summit Award recipient, presented by the AMSA to the outstanding industry supplier for the previous year. Read more...

2018 Summit Award Recipient