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Internet Orders

J.E. Kelleher's customer website makes it easy to place orders.
Once logged in, users have access to all of their order history.

Advanced security features allow users access to all orders place by
anyone within their organization.

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Order Feeds

J.E. Kelleher has several automated feeds that allow for continuous data transfers. These feeds create new orders and update existing ones based on updates made to the users' existing move management systems. All changes are recorded as part of an overall audit trail.

Systems Integrations

JEKSync Tools allow us to help our clients expand on the capability of their current systems
with no cost. Contact us now to get started, we can help identify which method is best for you. Click here to find out more.

Third Party Specialty Relocation

Over 14,000 suppliers with the highest level of service for your unique relocation needs. Our service areas extends throughout North America.

JEKSync Tools

Extend the capabilities of your software with Order Syncronization tools to provide better communications and higher quality of service.

2018 AMSA Summit Award Recipient

2018 Summit Award recipient, presented by the AMSA to the outstanding industry supplier for the previous year. Read more...

2018 Summit Award Recipient