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Technology and Automation

Our commitment to excellence is the reason we are leading the pack in data integrations. Our unique JEKSync tools are designed to simplify the process of placing orders and to ensure JE Kelleher is updated with the most current information direct from your existing move management system. Our simple installation tool allows you to install the JEKSync tools with ease. Don't worry, if you need assistance JE Kelleher's IT department offers full support at no cost to help get these tools installed at your site. Our new site allows you access:

  • Instant quotes with costs
  • Order placement with immediate pricing
  • Live updates
  • Order management simplified
Check out our New Order Management Site today!

JE Kelleher Website

Regardless of how the order is placed, our clients are able to utilize our website to confirm status, pricing authorizations and much more. The JE Kelleher website is an integral part of the JEKSync Tools. The site is accessible directly from your move management software such as AtlasNet, Direct Systems, MoversSuite or Compusource/VanS. Our JEKSync tools are also integrated with our suppliers and the technicians in the field.

We have implemented these tools to improve the flow of communication to ensure all of our employees, clients and suppliers have the most up-to-date information. Communication is key to ensuring that the highest quality of service is obtained and our clients are satisfied... Excellence Delivered.

JEKSync Client Application

This client application allows users of MoversSuite, Direct Systems and VansS software to place orders with JE Kelleher directly from these systems. Once installed, simply click on the menu item to export, and up comes your order information already loaded in our site. Just identify the services you need and your order is placed. This a great way to extend the capabilities of your existing move management software by improving order accuracy, and ultimately saving time and resources. You can reprocess any order at anytime to ensure we have the latest information in our system.

JEKSync Server Application

The server application allows for constant order synchronization between your move management software and the JE Kelleher system. Simply update the order in your system, and the server application will synchronize the order, notifying your JE Kelleher Customer Service Representative of any changes.

JEKSync Client Mobile Application

Our Mobile Client application is designed to help salespeople quote jobs based on actual services, no more estimating the cost. The application also helps people who need to manage their moves while on the go. Whether your traveling or just not at the office, you can view orders on-line, approve service requests, get updates. Supported devices are Android (phones and tablets), Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Windows 7Mobile.


JEKSync even offers an integration with AtlasNet. If you are an AtlasNet user, you can begin placing orders with JE Kelleher right now. Just click on the 3rd Party link in the dispatch ticket to get started.

Supplier Integration:

Our newly revamped supplier website takes advantage of both mobile device technology and efficiencies in workflow. Our suppliers are utilizing the latest handheld devices out in the field to improve the way we close the loop in the overall 3rd Service Process. Technicians in the field can:

  • get updates to orders.
  • update us when they are at residence.
  • confirm when jobs are complete.
  • capture electronic signatures on signoff
  • upload photos to the order
  • view service documents
  • much, much more...

Contact us now to see how the JEKSync Tools can work for you. If you don't see your system listed here, contact us, we are confident we can provide you a solution.

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JEKSync Tools

Extend the capabilities of your software with Order Syncronization tools to provide better communications and higher quality of service.

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