Don’t Void that Warrantee

Front loading washing machines need to have OEM Shipping Kits installed

JE Kelleher has always recommended the use of OEM shipping kits for transporting front loading washing machines. For every major appliance manufacturer contacted, they have reiterated the use of non OEM stabilizers can void the manufacturer’s warrantee. The use of the uninversal inflatable bags may void the warrantee.

It is very important that the make and model number be identified for washing machines. JE Kelleher maintains a listing of approximately 5,000 washing machines to help us identify if a shipping kit is needed and which one is required for the specific application.

We verify with homeowners if they have the complete shipping assembly. If not, we stock all of the major kits just in case we need to get one to the job in time.

Don’t put your client’s washing machines at risk, contact us and we will gladly help get the correct shipping kit installed to transport your clients washing machines properly and safely.





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