Introducing JEKSync

A new way of placing orders and managing your moves at no cost to you!

JEKSync Workstation and JEKSync Server Applications are available now.


Extend your capabilities in MoversSuite, Direct Systems and Compusource/VanS with the New JEKSync Tools

Update your system, JEKSync Tools update ours...

  • Instant order placement/updates: J.E. Kelleher now offers JEKSync Workstation, an improved version of the JE Kelleher Data feed. This new worsktation application now allows a user to place an order directly from the MoversSuite, Direct Systems and VanS.
  • Automatic order updates: Our JEKSync Workstation re-feed capability and exclusive JEKSync Server Application eliminates the need for you to have to type an email, pick up the phone or jump on to a web site to update information you just entered into your move management software.

A few minutes invested now will reap a multitude of time-savings in the future and can actually boost the capabilities of your existing move management software!

What is the benefit of using JEK?

  • Our technology eliminates the need for entering the same information into multiple systems.  J.E. Kelleher's process is designed to ease communications throughout the entire move process by the use of fast, easy updates to JE Kelleher.

JEKSync Workstation Application

  • The JEKSync Workstation is designed for MoversSuite, Direct Systems and CompuSource/VanS move management systems. This tool allows users to export orders direct from their move management software and place the order instantly without having to retype information contained within their move management software. Have an update? Simply resubmit the order and our JEKSync Tools will pick up the changes and notify your JEK Team. No more retyping the same information into an email or web site again!

JEKSync Server Application

  • Eliminate the need for redundant data entry. Simply update your move management software with new service information. The JEKSync Server application will pickup these changes within 15 minutes and notify your JEK Team of the updated information to ensure that nothing is overlooked.
  • Currently the JEKSync Server application is designed for MoversSuite. Direct Systems and CompuSource/VanS move management systems will soon be included in this process.

What does this mean for you?

  • Automation. Once the order is placed through your move management software, all information regarding 3rd party services is automatically updated to our systems. 
  • Time Savings. No need to call or email updates. 
  • TrustAll updates/changes are recorded on the order so that you can verify we have the latest information. 

Putting it all together...

  • JEKSync tools are also available to our suppliers. This means that service authorizations, customer signoffs and invoicing can be handled much more efficiently.
  • Our service techs have the capability to use our tools on all smartphones and tablets. Real time documents, electronic signature captures and exceptions are all available in the field.

No cost, improved efficiency, better communications, what are you waiting for? Click here to contact our IT Department and get started!!

We are here to partner with you and ensure your moves go smoothly from beginning to end.  This is just another way that working with J.E. Kelleher improves your quality, efficiency and costs!

If you are using Mover's Suite, Direct Systems or VanS, you're ready to start seeing what "excellence delivered" really means ...

If you don't see your move management software listed here, contact our IT Department, we are sure there is a solution for us to partner on, typically at no cost to you.

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