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Frontload Washer & Dryer Vibration Problems
Shakeaway Plus Vibration Isolation Pads for Frontload Washers & Dryers

High efficiency washers and dryers rotate at twice the speed of conventional units which may result in shaking and vibration. This vibration problem is usually worse when the units are located in a second floor laundry room. Custom made neoprene blend pads, developed by the Kellett Company, prevent the transference of vibration to the floor by converting the mechanical energy of the vibration to heat energy and dispersing it evenly through the pad.

  • They will effectively reduce the transfer of vibration from your washing machine or dryer to the floor surface with it's five layer design.
  • The package contains 4 KE Shake Away™ PLUS pads.
  • Each pad measures 2-1/2’ x 2-1/2’ x 1” thick.
  • Shakeaway Plus Vibration Isolation Pads can be purchased at Lowe’s or Best Buy.

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