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  • J.E. Kelleher offers a UNIQUE feed that actually boosts the capabilities of the Mover's Suite move management software!
  • A few minutes invested now will reap a multitude of time-savings in the future!

What is the benefit of using JEK?

  • Our technology eliminates the need for entering the same information into multiple systems.  J.E. Kelleher's process is designed to ease communications throughout the entire move process by the use of regular updates to our database.

What does this mean for you?

  • Automation. Once the order is placed through Mover's Suite, all information regarding 3rd party services is automatically updated to our systems. 
  • Time Savings. No need to call or email updates. 
  • All updates/changes are recorded on the order so that you can verify we have the latest information. 

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We are here to partner with you to ensure your moves go smoothly from beginning to end.  This is just another way that working with J.E. Kelleher improves your quality, efficiency and costs!

If you are using Mover's Suite, you're ready to start seeing what "excellence delivered" really means ...

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Our commitment to excellence is the driving force towards a seamless relocation experience for everyone involved. A dedicated staff is waiting to serve you. Our arsenal of over 14,000 suppliers throughout the U.S. & Canada is qualified by our extensive evaluation process. From Portland to Poughkeepsie, we can manage all of your third party specialty and crating needs.

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