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Client Testimonials

A.Arnold Moving,
Sharon Soto


Please pass on to your team how much we appreciate the hard work and effort all of you put into servicing our transferees. Your technicians are on time and are quick to accommodate last minute requests. The J.E. Kelleher staff is top notch in my book. You go above and beyond, which says a lot about the quality of service J.E. Kelleher provides to their clients. We look forward to many more years of working together.

Sharon Soto
Customer Service Manager
A.Arnold Moving

Heather Anderson

My experiences with the offices of JE Kelleher have been wonderful. When I call JEK, I truly feel that someone cares my needs and the needs of the customer. Their staff is professional and courteous and I feel they go the extra mile to make sure our needs are met.

JE Kelleher provides exceptional, professional services to my customers time and time again. They effectively communicate with me and keep the relocating employee apprised of all services requested and when those services will be performed.

I am especially happy with the integrated computer system that allows me to set up my orders without having to retype everything. This offers an incredible time saving as well as a lesser opportunity for typographical errors. The integrated system automatically updates JEK anytime I make updates in Moverssuite. I can rest assured that if I changed the dates in the computer, JEK receives the updated information instantly.

In the moving industry there will no doubt be service challenges, but what separates the boys from the men is how we react to these challenges. I know that regardless of the issue at hand, JEK will take accountability for challenges and get into the trenches with me to resolve any issue. JE Kelleher is the type of business I like to partner with in order to give my customer a stress free and smooth relocation.

Heather Anderson
United Van Lines

Beth Mason

I have used JEK for years and have always had great service. They are quick to respond, quick to accept and accommodate last minute requests and quick to handle and resolve any issues that might come up. It has been my pleasure to have JEK assist our customer's.

Nelson Westerberg of Illinois,
Ron Zahari

JEK is a top rate 3rd party company. They are always ready to help out with last minute orders. They know who the customer is and will always find a solution to our tough requests. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Ron Zahari
Customer Service Manager
Nelson Westerberg of Illinois

Sandy Jordan

My name is Sandy Jordan. I am a National Account Customer Service Representative for Alexander's Mobility Services, agent for Atlas World Group. For over 11 years, I have trusted J.E. Kelleher & Son to provide the very best in 3rd party services. I not only trust their outstanding personnel but I also depend upon their expertise to go above and beyond with every order. I value the fact there is always a person to speak to when I call. Marcy Ventresca is an absolute joy to work with. She has pulled many rabbits out of hats for me. She truly represents what great customer service should be: works very hard to please the customer, does it with a sense of humor, immediately resolves issues and her follow up is thorough. I feel that J.E. Kelleher is an extension of what we do as we strive to have a picture perfect move each time.

Dodge Moving & Storage

Dear Steve,

I wanted to let you know how pleased we have all been in working with J.E. Kelleher for our 3rd party needs. Our relationship spans several years and we have always received quick response and attention to our needs as well as our customer's. The ease of working with your group and your web based order entry system has been great. It's been very helpful being able see updates to jobs as well as final billing information whenever we needed to. We always feel J.E. Kelleher represents an extension of Dodge Moving and Storage through your professionalism and superior quality.

I would recommend your good services to anyone you would like to pass my contact information to.

Best regards,
Sandy Cowles
Sales Manager
Dodge Moving & Storage

North Dallas Moving & Storage Co., Inc.,
John Morris

We would like to take the opportunity to convey our appreciation to the fine people at J.E.Kelleher for proving wonderful service and always being there during challenging times. You ha ve always preformed above and beyond and we can always count on your company for providing the excellent service our mutual customers expect. Thanks again and we wish you continued success.

John Morris
North Dallas Moving & Storage Co., Inc.
United Van Lines

I-Go Van & Storage,
Linda Dutton

I have been using JE Kelleher, Inc. since March 4, 2005 and can wholeheartedly recommend their services. I have been in the moving business for 28 years and know the value of working with a company such as JE Kelleher. Everyone at JE Kelleher has been pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. The Web-site is very user friendly and response from the staff at JE Kelleher is immediate. JE Kelleher is the only 3rd party company I use; the only 3rd party company I need to use. When I call or e- mail anyone at JE Kelleher I know before I make contact them that I will be treated like a customer and that every effort will be made to complete the services I am requesting of them at a reasonable price.

Linda Dutton
Vice-President of Relocation Services
I-GO Van & Storage/Agent of United Van Lines
Omaha, NE

Customer Testimonials

My husband and I moved from the east coast to San Francisco with a corporate relocation package. It was a large household move which included substantial of fine art crating. J.E. Kelleher was our 3rd Party Moving Service on arrival in San Francisco.

As can happen with cross-continental moves, there was some damage to both furniture and artwork including two rare mid-century buffets by American Designer Paul McCobb, and two contemporary oil paintings on stretched canvas.
The staff at Kelleher was efficient and cooperative in assessing the damage, and finding two of the finest craftsmen in Northern California to complete more than repairs, but restoration of the items that had sustained damage.

No one is happy when heirlooms or fine art with both financial and personal value come off a moving truck in damaged condition. The staff at Kelleher conveyed to us that they personally understood this, and then proceeded to make the process of filing claims and getting moved-in with all  items professionally restored as smooth and congenial as humanly possible.

We were pleased to have our claims taken in good faith and acted upon with a solid professionalism that is rare. Kermit B. June 16 2010

Field personnel were on time and performed professionally and efficiently. They were extremely conscientious with my personal property requiring special services. Very refreshing! Stuart L. September 11, 2009

Very impressed! Great job. Bill & Andrea M. August 6, 2009

Excellent and professional service. Maria A. April 30, 2009

Our service tech provided the best service we have encountered in decades. On every level he was top notch. The only disappointing part of the move is we couldn't bring him with us to help us set up on this end!!!! Robert W. December 30, 2008

Jon and his assistant were very efficient and professional. He would tell me what they were doing and the "why". Thank you! Gerran B. May 12, 2008

The two men who crated my paintings did an excellent job and were very professional. In addition, we found out the day of moving that the movers would not disassemble the computer desk, so I was told to call the Third Party to request additional services. This additional service was handled quickly and professionally. In addition, the technicians were very understanding and kind. On a day that was extremely stressful, your employees made everything seem easy. Thank-you!!!! Kay H. January 15, 2008

They were awesome to work with! Eric M. November 23, 2007

Terrific gentleman who crated my goods. Left before I could tip him! If you could send me an address I would much appreciate it! He was professional and courteous. Kimberly M. September 24, 2007

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