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JE Kelleher Background Check Program

Background Check Program

J.E. Kelleher, Inc. is the leader in the Relocation Industry and was the first to provide a background check program via a web-based portal. 


J.E. Kelleher understands that families today want a sense of security when a service technician enters their residence. Our desire to send only compliant and professional service personnel to our homeowners is a cornerstone of our success.  With these goals in mind, we have teamed up with PlusOne Solutions, Inc. to develop the most comprehensive background check program in the industry. 

This background check program rates each technician against strict criteria relevant to their role and allows J.E. Kelleher to limit risk and ensure the security of our clients. Technicians are either compliant or non-compliant with our high standards and are also rescreened on a periodic basis to ensure they remain compliant.  

The depth of the searches in our standard screening demonstrates our attention to detail and includes the following criteria:

  • Social Security Verification to confirm the technician's identity
  • National Criminal Record Database Search
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • County Criminal Record Searches for every residence where the technician has lived for the last 7 years

In the interest of open communication, once the technician is deemed compliant, an Authorized Service Provider badge, including the technician's name and photo and their company’s name, is available to J.E. Kelleher’s supplier network of service technicians. This information is also available to the homeowner and the compliance status of the service technician who works in their home can be verified by accessing www.checkmybadge.com

J.E. Kelleher actively monitors our supplier network to ensure they remain up-to-date and compliant. We also ensure all screenings are completed in a manner compliant with federal and state consumer reporting legislation.

PlusOne Solutions, Inc. known for creating confidence in the service industry ® , is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) which demonstrates their commitment to operational excellence, accountability, privacy, high professional standards and continuous improvement. More information can be found at www.plusonesolutions.net


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